VLDBJ paper accepted: Complex Event Forecasting with Prediction Suffic Trees

Elias Alevizos, Alexander Artikis, Georgios Paliouras - The International Journal on Very Large DataBases (VLDBJ) - to appear


Complex Event Recognition (CER) systems have become popular in the past two decades due to their ability to “instantly” detect patterns on real-time streams of events. However, there is a lack of methods for forecasting when a pattern might occur before such an occurrence is actually detected by a CER...

(Poster) Towards Creating a Generalized Complex Event Processing Operator Using FlinkCEP: Architecture and Benchmark.

E. Kougioumtzi, A. Kontaxakis, A. Deligiannakis, Y. Kotidis. - Proceedings of 15th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-Based Systems (DEBS 2021) - Milan, Italy, 2021.


FlinkCEP, the Complex Event Processing (CEP) API of the Flink Big Data platform, scales-out pattern detection to a number of machines in a computer cluster or cloud. The high expressive power of FlinkCEP’s language comes at the cost of cumbersome parameterization of the patterns to be monitored, thus limiting usability....

Poster: Real-Time Processing of Geo-Distributed Financial Data

Antonios Kontaxakis, Antonios Deligiannakis, Holger Arndt, Stefan Burkard, Claus-Peter Kettner, Elke Pelikan, Kathleen Noack. - Proceedings of 15th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-Based Systems (DEBS 2021) - Milan, Italy, 2021.


Enabling real-time processing of financial data streams is extremely challenging, especially considering that typical operations that interest investors often require combining data across (a potentially quadratic number of) different pairs of stocks. In this paper we present the architecture and the components of our system for the real-time processing of...

Extreme-Scale Interactive Cross-Platform Streaming Analytics -- The INFORE Approach

Deligiannakis, Antonios, Giatrakos, Nikos; Kotidis, Yannis; Samoladas, Vasilis; Simitsis, Alkis - 2nd Workshop on Search, Exploration, and Analysis in Heterogeneous Datastores (SEA Data '21) - 2021


Nowadays, analytics are at the core of many emerging applications and can greatly benefit from the abundance of data and the progress in the processing capabilities of modern hardware. Still, new challenges arise with the extreme complexity of designing applications to exploit in full the potential of such offerings. In...

Guide to Maritime Informatics

Artikis A. and Zissis D. (editors) - Springer, ISBN 978-3-030-61851-3 - 2021


In the last 25 years, information systems have had a disruptive effect on society and business. Up until recently though, the majority of passengers and goods were transported by sea in many ways similar to the way they were at the turn of the previous century. Gradually, advanced information technologies...

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