On the 29th of November, an INFORE workshop was organised successfully in the context of the European Data Value Forum. The workshop started with an introductory presentation by the project coordinator, who talked about the challenges and the objectives of INFORE. Then, RapidMiner presented the INFORE architecture and ATHENA gave...

29 Nov 2021

EasyFlinkCEP: Big Event Data Analytics for Everyone

FlinkCEP is the Complex Event Processing (CEP) API of the Flink Big Data platform. The high expressive power of the language of FlinkCEP comes at the cost of cumbersome parameterization of the queried patterns, acting as a barrier for FlinkCEP’s adoption. Moreover, properly configuring a FlinkCEP program to run over...

29 Oct 2021

Infore 9h Plenary Meeting

On September 16-17, the 9th plenary meeting of the INFORE project was held, virtually. Approximately 30 people participated. The focal points of the project meeting were on reporting the progress achieved so far and since the 1st project review as well as the goals to be achieved until the end...

20 Sep 2021

IJCAI Tutorial on Complex Event Processing

INFORE partners from NCSR organised and presented a tutorial on Complex Event Processing in the context of IJCAI 2021. The tutorial was held online on August 13th and the material is accessible here.

30 Aug 2021

New Paper Accepted and Presented at SEAData Workshop@VLDB 2021

An INFORE paper, by Athena RC partners, entitled “Extreme-Scale Interactive Cross- Platform Streaming Analytics – The INFORE Approach” was accepted earlier this month at the SEA Data Workshop held together with VLDB ’21 and was presented on 20 Aug 2021. The work summarizes the internal architecture and the backend of...

26 Aug 2021

This project has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825070.

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