INFORE sea trial experiment conducted off the coast of Portonevere, La Spezia, Italy, in March 2022

The Maritime use case of INFORE, led by MarineTraffic, aims to enhance Maritime Situational Awareness through the use of extreme scale analytics and forecasting. INFORE reached a major milestone this month, by successfully conducting the sea trial experiment! The sea trial experiment, conducted by NATO-STO-CMRE with support from MarineTraffic, validated...

21 Mar 2022

INFORE co-organises MBDW 2022

INFORE co-organises 3rd IEEE Intl. Maritime Big Data Workshop (MBDW 2022) that is collocated with the 23rd IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management. The workshop will be held on June 6 in Paphos, Cyprus. More information about the workshop, as well as the call for papers, is available here....

23 Feb 2022


Part of the work that has been performed at the Maritime use case of INFORE was published in the context of a short paper with title “Online Distributed Maritime Event Detection & Forecasting over Big Vessel Tracking Data”, authored by partners from MarineTraffic, NCSR, ATHENA and RapidMiner. The paper was...

16 Dec 2021


On the 29th of November, an INFORE workshop was organised successfully in the context of the European Data Value Forum. The workshop started with an introductory presentation by the project coordinator, who talked about the challenges and the objectives of INFORE. Then, RapidMiner presented the INFORE architecture and ATHENA gave...

29 Nov 2021

INFORE MSA: ReachOut Success Story

INFORE opened-up some of its components making them available for testing to the public through the ReachOut platform . The ReachOut project has developed a platform in order to facilitate the evaluation and dissemination of software components and services, connecting them to evaluators. More specifically, part of the Maritime Use...

15 Nov 2021

This project has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825070.

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