Infore 6th Plenary Meeting

05 Oct 2020 -

On Friday, September 4th, the 6th plenary meeting of INFORE was held. Just like the 5th plenary meeting, it was an online meeting.

The project coordinator started the meeting by giving a welcome talk, in which he briefly discussed the project’s status and achievements since the previous plenary meeting. Then, all partners presented their progress for each work package. In preparation for the forthcoming review, each partner also discussed an outline of the respective review presentations. First, the progress for the three use cases was presented by the respective partners: Life sciences use case (BSC, IIT), Financial case case (SPRING), and Maritime use case (MarineTraffic, CMRE). Then, a representative from Rapidminer gave a presentation on the architecture of the INFORE platform and on the integration of the different components. Demonastrations of the three use cases showing the respective data processing workflows were also presented using the RapidMiner User Interface. It was exciting to see how the sophisticated, cutting-edge AI/ML components of INFORE could be used in designing user-friendly, collaborative workflows using the RapidMiner UI enabling end-users to create complex data science workflows in a flexible and user-friendly way without writing code.

The second part of the plenary meeting was devoted to presentations from the research partners of the project, describing their progress with respect to their work on the Optimisation and Runtime Adaptation, the Synopsis Data Engine, the Interactive Learning and the Complex Event Forecasting. The presentations were given by ATHENA and NCSR respectively.

The third part of the meeting included presentations on dissemination and exploitation activities, showing that the quality of the work that has been performed so far by the consortium can be reflected in the numerous scientific papers that have been accepted regarding every component and use case of the project, surpassing the target KPIs already. A big part of the scientific publications produced are also joint publications between two or more partners of the consortium, showing the good collaboration between the partners of the project.

Last, a closing presentation was given by the coordinator, and fruitful discussions followed regarding plans for the future and the preparation of the interim review meeting which will be held online on September 18th. All partners were glad for the results that have been achieved so far and the exceptional collaboration between the partners that produced these results and look forward to sharing the project’s achievements in the review meeting.

This project has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825070.

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